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Dr. Paul Neumann D.C. MChiro, Physio. H.P. Joins us 12th July 2016

Dr. Paul Neumann D.C. MChiro, Physio, H.P.

Dr. Paul Neumann D.C. MChiro, Physio, H.P.

Please welcome Dr. Paul Neumann D.C. MChiro, Physio, H.P. to our team on 12th July 2016.

During his youth Paul spend most of his time practicing competitive sports, especially rowing where he was able become national champion. Despite all the exercising and excellent coaches, his was feeling was, that it is difficult to access the body’s full potential.

He started to search for what might help to make the difference and decided to train as a physiotherapist. During the time as a physiotherapist he met one of the few chiropractors in Germany and was staggered by the approach to help the body access its potentials and the associated possibilities.

That was the time Paul decided to study chiropractic. Following his studies in the UK he worked the last years as a chiropractor in Germany.

Paul has not only an interest in performance in sport, but also everyday life. In his opinion, the best time to really make a positive change for the future is during infancy and childhood. That made him decides to specialize in infants and children and study to become one of the few chiropractors with a second master of science in chiropractic for children.

Paul is fluent in English, German and Dutch, has a university degree in chiropractic and is currently studying for his second degree in chiropractic for children. Before becoming a chiropractor he has been trained as a physiotherapist in Germany.

Dr. Paul will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Call 01209219444 to book your appointment now.

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