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Redruth Chiropractors | Second Visit

Your Report of Findings

At this appointment you will be shown a 5 minute DVD about chiropractic to provide more information about what we do and our level of education. It is important to us that you feel safe, secure, and confident in the choices we make together. Chiropractic is a teamwork experience, and good, open and honest communication between yourself and your Chiropractor is important.

Your First Appointment

At this time, you will also experience your first adjustment! Your Chiropractor will explain what to expect each step of the way, and it will be an enjoyable experience and a chance for many to learn something new, and to experience how their bodies begin to heal.

Your Appointments

Your appointments are then booked in advance according to the schedule recommended by your Chiropractor. This saves time on each visit so you can get on with your day or home to your family, and ensures that each appointment time is reserved for you at your best convenience.

Your Regular visits will not be as long as your first or second visits to Westcountry Family Chiropractic.