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Total Body Modification (TBM)

TBM is an advanced kinesiological technique that evaluates, rebalances and resets imbalances within the body’s physiology. By using the technique of muscle testing, these imbalances can be detected and corrected via the nervous system by stimulating correlating reflex points along the spine.

How it works

The nervous system is controlled by the brain. Like a computer, sensory nerve fibres deliver messages to the brain, which in turn interprets them before instructing body parts, via motor fibres what to do next. Nerve cells called neurons in the centre of the brain are responsible for controlling individual body parts. When a body part is put under stress the corresponding neurons, also under stress, depolarise. So, the brain nerve cells receive the message but no instruction is returned from the brain to the body part because of the depolarisation. This leads to a consequent loss of control over the affected body part.

Through stimulating specific points and making appropriate corrections along the spine, the neurons become repolarised allowing the brain to regain control of the affected body part. TBM adjustments can restore the function of the nervous system for optimum health and wellbeing.